Founded 20 years ago,  Label Beauté Noire, based in France, is an organization whose mission is to combat the practice of skin bleaching globally and to raise awareness about the health hazards associated with this practice, including those caused by exposure to mercury and other toxic chemicals that exist in many skin lightening products. We work with ministries of health, senate , national assembly , local municipalities, medical professionals, pharmacists, and many other who need information on treating black skin, both in France and in countries around the world. We conduct major advocacy , research conferences with UNESCO Paris 2012 and outreach through social media and press events. By working closely with Label Beauté Noire, the French Ministry of Health has dedicated November 16 as “WorldSkinBleaching Day.” Label Beauté Noire is organizing a major event called Skinbleaching day awareness and research.

Skin bleaching practices and chemical exposures have devastating impacts on individuals and communities in France and in many countries in Africa and other regions of the world. Label Beauté Noire’s mission is to develop healthy individuals, families and communities through training and education, empowerment, policy and systems changes. Our organization conducts trainings for medical and other allied health professionals on how to treat black skin. We also work with cosmetics associations to develop legislation for different countries. 

Label Beauté Noire is proud to  raise awareness and advocate about the hazards of skin lightening products, mercury exposure, the underlying drivers for people to practice skin lightening, as well as strengthen the regulations and systems that, at present, facilitate the continued manufacture and trade .

Nov .16 , 2020  Isabelle Mananga Ossey Consulting